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Receive unparalleled and world class training from U.S. Karate and Boxing Gym. A practical form of self-defense instruction for men, women, and children.

U.S. Karate and Boxing Gym is the most diversified martial arts/boxing/fitness training center in the San Francisco East Bay region. We offer affordable group, private, and semi-private classes in a friendly environment for the entire family!

This is the gym where it all began for boxing champions Andre Ward and Nonito Donaire Jr. They grew up together here, began their boxing careers with us, and still consider USKB their “home.”

Our unique, eclectic martial arts style combines the best techniques from traditional and contemporary systems including:

Chinese Kenpo Karate for a firm foundation

  •           Shaolin Gung-Fu for swift and flowing movements
  •           Boxing for head/body weaving and footwork patterns
  •           Corto Cadena Filipino Escrima weapons art for evasive and innovative techniques
  •           Jujitsu for effective joint manipulation techniques

We can help you achieve your fitness goal through any of our many classes. Our programs have been proven to improve overall health, self-confidence, awareness, discipline, and school grades.

We offer “No Contract” memberships and easy monthly EFT payment plans.

Ask about our family and group rates!

Teen and Adult memberships include the use of our fitness weight room (consisting of free-weights, resistance weight machines, and cardio equipment).

Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional training by choosing US Karate School of Arts Boxing Gym.

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